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Ardonn was Established in 2008 by Lior who is also the Head designer.
Whilst the company is relatively young it benefits from the vast collective experience of its members some with over 40 years experience in jewelry manufacturing.
Real people who share a passion, a business and a way of life.
Ardonn is an all round Jewelry design workshop.
Comprised of Master Goldsmiths, Stone setters and jewelry designers.
All working together under the same roof to create an outstanding fine jewelry concept.
We believe that in life for something to be great it must be made with a passionate heart.
Our aspiration is to create extraordinary jewelry that enriches your life with love & beauty.
We are truly grateful to live in an era where we can share our art and passion with you!


Everything here is done with the utmost care and artfulness.
From refining and recycling Fine Gold and casting it into the various Karats.
To 3D Printing and traditional Wax carving techniques coupled with traditional goldsmithing methods.
Gemstone and Diamond sourcing, Stone Setting, Finishing, quality control, logistics and photography.
Our wide spectrum of in house know how enables us to give our customers a truly remarkable shopping experience.
At the end of the day we are all artists and craftspeople who do everything by hand and love what they do.
To us there is nothing more satisfying than creating a unique custom piece for our customers.


We believe in preserving our environment and are sure to leave as a minimal of a footprint on the environment as we possibly can using only recycled Gold & Silver as well as conflict free Diamonds & Gemstones.
All items are made in-house.


We specialize in high quality fine jewelry without the price tag whilst going above and beyond in providing great service to our customers.
Our staff comes from a variety of cultures happily working together, each member contributes in both in his craft and with his or hers creative ideas.


We hold ourselves to high standard of quality and commitment.
Our promise to you is to maintain those high standards by providing top quality products
and customer service whilst working to promote our values within our community.
At the center of our promise is you, our customers and fans.
Without you none of this would be possible if you have questions or
concerns with our products or your order please feel free to contact us and one of our supports staff will get back to your promptly.

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