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July 2017 | Elle Elle

Eternity rings - a symbol of infinite love


The concept of an eternity ring dates back approximately 4,000 years to Egyptian times. While the Egyptians didn’t necessarily use the rings to commemorate a specific occasion, they were said to have used them simply as a token of both eternal love and life.

Modern Eternity rings, unlike their meaning are a relatively new jewelry concept.
In the 70 years since the design originated they have become immensely popular.
Flaunting an endless array of variations and set with Diamonds, Gemstones and pearls.

A short guide to eternity rings


Full Eternity 

Full eternity rings are set with stones (usually diamonds) around the entire band of the ring.
A well made eternity ring is a beautiful, glistening fine piece of jewelry.
Whilst perfect on its own, Eternity rings are also ideal for stacking between your engagement and wedding rings.
Please note that full eternity rings are costly and complicated to resize so its most recomnded get your ring finger measured or to use our online ring size finder tool here RING SIZER TOOL
Stone count is subject to size on these rings.

Half eternity

A half eternity ring is set with stones around 1/2 or sometimes 3/4 of the band.
They usually feature 11-20 stones depending on the stone diameter and desired cover.
Although dependent on the stone quality and size half eternity rings are normally less expensive then their full counterparts and easily resize able.

Metal selection

Eternity rings are primarily available in Solid gold or Platinum although they could be also made in Sterling Silver.
The metal you choose should depend on various factors.
Ideally you should buy a ring matching in color and Karat to the wearers existing jewelry,
If your loved ones Engagement ring is 14K White Gold treat her to a matching 14K White Gold eternity ring.
If she prefers the more a traditional yellow gold look, a yellow gold ring is the natural choice.
9 Karat Gold rings are a great option if on a budget, 9 Karat can be cast in both Yellow or Rose Gold.

Eternity rings settings

Settings plays an important role both in the beauty of the ring and in its practicality
There are 3 main types of settings, Claw setting, Channel setting and Pave setting.

Claw Setting

Claw-set eternity rings are also known as prong set eternity rings and use the traditional method of holding gemstones with a metal settings that runs up the side of the stones and overlaps slightly at the top holding each stone snugly in place.
More suited for round brilliant stones this setting is exceptionally beautiful and allows maximal light to enter each stone.

Channel setting

In a Channel setting, The stones setter creates a channel in the metal at both edges of the ring in which the stones are set.
This modern variant setting is suitable for various type of gemstones including, Baguettes, princess cut Diamonds and round brilliant gemstones.
This is a very secure setting as stones are sitting flush within the ring.

Pave Setting

The gems are separated and held in place by little beads of the setting's metal. The beads are either pulled from the existing metal in the setting, or they are soldered on. The beads virtually disappear into the background, and the result is what looks like a continuous surface of diamonds or other gems.


Its important to keep in mind that an eternity ring is built around the gemstones you select.
if you choose larger stones (2.5 mm and up) they will require a wider and thicker band to comfortably accommodate the gemstone.
if you choose smaller stones the ring will become daintier looking, Its all about proportions.  


Getting the right size in an eternity ring is especially important since resizing such a ring could be costly and complicated 

Need to know her ring size right now? all you need is one of her rings, a printer and this quick and easy guide.

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